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The best way to see if electric driving works for you

Unlimited driving for a week so you can see if an electric car fits your lifestyle. No strings attached - we’ll even bring your electric car to your door.

Expert help to make electric driving easy

We think you’re going to love electric driving, but there's a few new things you’ll want to learn.  A Link Electric Vehicle Expert will teach you - with a tutorial, a Drive and Charge Plan, and more.

If you love it, keep it

After 7 days, you can keep the same electric car as long as you want - or we’ll help you find the right one to buy.  If you stick with Link, we'll apply the cost of your OnRamp to your next electric car.

Driving electric is clean, quiet and smooth. It's also moving fast.

Link is here to help you find the electric car that works for your lifestyle.
You won’t miss buying gas and the planet will thank you.

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What's included in your 2 week OnRamp experience?

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What's included in your Electric OnRamp?

Home delivery

Link delivers a bright and shiny fully-electric vehicle to your home. It's all yours for 7 days. View our Covid safety precautions.

In-person tutorial

A Link EV Expert provides an in-person OnRamp Tutorial - everything that’s new and different about your electric car - and answers any questions you have about electric driving.

Personal 'Drive and Charge Plan'

Your EV Expert will ask you where you typically drive to guide you on where and how to charge your car. You'll feel confident about getting everywhere you need to go.

Charging network access

Link will get you set up with the most convenient public charging networks to re-charge your car on the go - in all the places you go.

Cheapest Charging set up

Your EV Expert will show you how to charge at home with your existing outlets, get on the right electricity plan, and program your car to charge at the times when it’ll save you the most money.

Overnight Charger evaluation

We'll evaluate your home or dedicated parking spot to provide a quote for installing an Overnight Charger so you can start with a “full tank” every morning.  If you decide to move forward, we’ll arrange a safe and high quality installation.

Dedicated support

Your Link EV Expert will be just a phone call away to answer questions during your Electric OnRamp.  If you run into any battery trouble, we’ll provide a free ride to get you home safely.

Home pickup or keep your new electric car, you decide.

We’ll pick up your electric car after 7 days… or you can keep it if you want! Your EV Expert will help you think through all the options.

Keeping it rolling

Stick with Link for an electric car and we'll apply OnRamp credit for discounted driving

After your OnRamp experience, choose the right path for you:

12-month flexible LinkLease

Keep your new EV with our flexible, unlimited mileage 12-month LinkLease, for as little as zero down. (And when we say flexible, we mean flexible.)

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Purchase or lease through a Link dealer partner

We want help find you the perfect electric car.  If we don’t have it, we’ll help you get it. Learn more when you start your Electric OnRamp.

Electric OnRamp Credit Offer: If you adopt a LinkLease or purchase or lease a fully electric vehicle through a Link Dealer Partner, within 30 days of the end of your Electric OnRamp, you will receive a rebate equal to the cost of your first Electric OnRamp minus the initial $100 reservation/dropoff fee.  This will be applied in the form of discounted monthly payments for a LinkLease or in the form of a refund to your credit card after your purchase/lease a through a dealer partner has been confirmed. This offer is not applicable to the purchase of a new vehicle from Tesla.

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