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Here’s what we recommend for anyone considering buying an electric car.

EV Readiness Quiz

Answer a few questions to get your EV Readiness Score, and find out if electric fits your lifestyle today

EV Readiness Quiz

Answer a few questions to get your EV Readiness Score, and find out if electric fits your lifestyle today

step 1

Learn if electric is right for you

Electric cars have longer range and more options to charge quickly than ever before.  To confidently make the shift to driving electric,
you’ll want to know that an electric car will get you everywhere you need to go.

Where will you drive & charge?

It’s about more than battery range - it’s about how electric fits in your life.  Once you figure out how an electric car will fit your lifestyle, you can move forward with confidence.

How Link Helps
We've created free resources to get started, and you can get help from a Link EV Expert for personalized support.

Knowledge Center

Get the smart, honest take on electric cars.  Check the Link Knowledge Center to get details that a car dealer may not know.

EV Readiness Quiz

Answer 10 questions and get to your EV Readiness Score to find out if electric fits your lifestyle today

step 2

Choose from the electric options

In 2022, a growing range of vehicle types will be available in electric - including trucks and SUVs.

Find the right model

Your electric car needs to cover your daily needs too - whether that's room for your family, All-Wheel Drive, or cargo space.

Select the exact car you want

Once you find the right model, there may be a range of options to consider, like advanced Driver Assistance technology.

How Link Helps

Link's EV Selection Service makes your car search a breeze - we do the work to sort through options! The Link EV Store is the one place to compare ALL the electric models and customize the one for you.

EV Selection Service

Streamline your car search with personalized, unbiased help.

Shop, Compare, and Order

Compare all the electric cars available - then order from Link.

step 3

Create your charging plan

When you get it right, charging your new electric car will be an afterthought and you’ll never worry about battery range again.

Charging at home

Plugging in overnight makes electric driving a breeze.  Depending on how much you drive, a regular outlet in your garage may be all you need. For a full battery every morning, a Home EV Charger may be the way to go.

Charging on the go

There are growing options for getting all the juice you need.  Once you're set up with charging network accounts, it'll become as natural as pulling up to a gas station.

How Link Helps

Use the Link Charger Quote Tool to get a quote and a high quality installation of an EV charger at your parking spot.

Install a Home EV Charger

Get a quote and charge from home.


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