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Not sure which EV is right for you? We got that.

A Link EV Expert is your personal partner to accelerate your car search and make the entire process easy. Set up a time to talk with one today.

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Does buying your first electric car feel daunting?

In our EV Selection Service, a Link EV Expert provides unbiased, personalized help to simplify your search for the right car.

Save Time
on Research

Your EV Expert helps you fiugure out electric car options in minutes - instead of hours on your own.

Get Your
Timing Right

Figure out if it’s better to get an electric car now or wait.  Either way, we’re here to help.

Personalized Recommendations

Tell us what you're looking for and we'll pinpoint the perfect option from all the electric cars available.


Figure out the right charging solutions for your home and based on the public chargers in your area or the places you drive to.

Shop for your electric car with confidence

Have you ever wished there was someone to take the time to understand what you need in a new car and simplify all the complexity - especially with something new and unfamiliar like electric driving?

With an EV Expert you gain that advisor - plus a partner for every step of starting to drive electric.

Illustration of Hyundai Kona

“I think the Kona EV has enough range, but will I be able to charge it fast enough?

EV expert

Based on how far you drive each week, it looks like you’ll get all the charging you need in about 30 minutes at the Fast Charger at the grocery store near you.

Map with travel directions from home to destination charger
Icon of car
35 miles
Icon of charging station
charge Plan
40 minutes nightly

The EV Selection Service gives you the clarity you need to make the right car purchase

Your EV Expert will take the time to understand your situation.  They’ll share their knowledge about electric cars to find the best car and charging options for you.  Instead of hours of research, you’ll have clarity in minutes.

EV Expert Selection Service

Get into your first electric car with help from an EV Expert

Get your top electric driving questions answered by one of Link’s EV Experts
  • Schedule a 15 minute phone or video consultation
  • Answer your top electric driving questions
  • Get the latest on EV incentives and availability
  • Recommendations for where to start your search for an electric car
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Selection service
A Link EV Expert learns what you're looking for and makes your car search fast and easy
  • Live 1:1 support from an EV Expert
  • Share your preferences & budget to get personalized EV model recommendations
  • Get a personalized plan for charging your EV based on where you live and drive
  • Free evaluation of an EV charger installation for your home
  • Help choosing the trim and options to quickly complete your search for a new car
  • Happiness Guarantee - If we can't make an electric or plug-in electric car work for you, get a full refund.
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