EV PRO MEmbership

Drive electric like a pro

One month of EV Pro Membership is included when your order a car through Link.  But no matter where you bought your EV, you can join the club.

ev Pro membership
Only $20 / month
  • Setup support for your new electric car
  • Get the lowest utility rates for home charging
  • Dedicated EV support & roadside assistance
  • Drive on 100% clean electricity
  • Track how much you’re saving by driving electric
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Delivery day

Getting your electric car is just the first step - now it’s time to enjoy it.

You’ve got a new electric car in your driveway.  Let’s make it work perfectly for you.

setup call

Get started smoothly

When your new electric car arrives in your driveway, schedule a Setup Call with a Link EV Expert to answer any questions you have about the car, electric driving, or charging.  We’ll make sure you’re ready to roll.

emergency charging support

Peace of mind if a public charger station is broken

Your EV may be working fine, but if a public charger that you’re counting on for a road trip is broken you may get stuck without enough charge to get to your destination or the next charger.  Your existing roadside assistance coverage may not cover this.  If this happens, Link will reimburse you for roadside assistance to get the charge you need, either towing or roadside charging from a mobile charger.

EV Expert support

Your personal EV Expert

At any time during your ownership of an EV, you can get help from an EV Expert to answer your questions, address electric driving issues, or get advice on new technology or options for electric cars on the market.

EV Driving Analytics

Track your electric savings

Link will provide a monthly summary of your estimated savings by driving electric instead of buying gas.  In the future, we will offer additional analytics based on availability of data from your electric vehicles onboard diagnostics.  

(Whether you brag to your friends about saving money on gas is up to you!)

Icon of car
840 miles this month
Icon of charging station
EV vs. gas savings
You saved $121 this month as compared to a similar gas powered vehicle

100% clean electricity for charging

Drive on sunshine

Link will purchase solar or wind energy equivalent to the amount of electricity that you use to drive each month.  This means that no matter where you drive and charge, an equal amount of clean energy is put onto the electricity grid.  You can feel great about driving 100% carbon-free!

Drive electric like a pro

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