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black line illustration of the Chevy Bolt electric vehicle

Chevy Bolt

“The Urban Workhorse”
$399 plus tax
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Chevy Bolt

“The Urban Workhorse”
$399 plus tax
  • 7 days unlimited driving
  • Scheduled vehicle dropoff
  • OnRamp electric driving tutorial
  • Personal Drive & Charge Plan
  • Public charging network setup
  • Overnight Charger install evaluation
  • EV Expert phone support
  • Cheapest Charging electricity plan setup
  • Get home safe and sound after any battery trouble
  • Stick with Link and apply the cost of an Electric OnRamp towards discounted driving
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The Chevy Bolt has been sent from the future to show you how smooth electric driving can be.


The Bolt will get you all around town and beyond.  Our experts estimate that its 259 miles of range is good for 20 trips to the store or the park on a single charge, or 1.5 Sunday fundays.


Especially in Sport mode, the Bolt’s pickup is quick and exciting (Just like Link customers!).


The Bolt comes with a 5-star safety rating and modern features to keep you aware of what’s all around you when parking or driving.


You know how constant engine vibration and noise can make driving more tiring? Yeah. Not so much with electric - the Bolt is silent and smooth.

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How it works

What to expect from your Electric OnRamp

Here's what will happen when you're ready hit the OnRamp:

Place deposit & schedule your delivery

When you reserve your Electric OnRamp, you’ll tell us a convenient time to bring it to your home, Monday through Saturday, 7am-7pm.  We’ll confirm that a car is available and then look forward to meeting you!

Delivery & driving

When your Link EV Expert brings you  your vehicle, they’ll take you through our electric driving tutorial and setup steps, then hand you the keys. Enjoy! (You’ll want to see if electric driving works for everything you need, so naturally there’s no mileage limit.) Covid Safety Precautions

Dedicated support

A Link EV Expert will be available throughout your Electric OnRamp weeks via phone or webchat, whenever you need us to answer questions about electric driving.

Overnight Charger evaluation

We’ll look at your home's electrical system to evaluate installing an Overnight Charger that’ll give you a “full tank” every morning. About 2-3 days after your vehicle dropoff, we’ll send you a quote and answer questions. If you like it, we’ll take care of the installation, permitting and inspection.

Peace of mind

If you run out of battery away from home through no fault of your own, we’ll make sure you get home safe and sound and we’ll take care of the vehicle.

Next steps

Near the end of your OnRamp, we’ll check in you to see if you’d like to keep driving electric. (We think you might!) We’ll share options for keeping your current vehicle or different vehicles you may want to try, buy or lease.  

Vehicle pickup

If you don’t want to move forward with Link, we’ll come pick up the vehicle from your home at a convenient time, Monday through Saturday, 7am-7pm.

Why Onramp

Curious if a car that runs on a battery will fit your lifestyle?

Link’s Electric OnRamp shows you how with a no-strings opportunity to drive electric for 7 days.

Try before you buy? We insist.

A new car is a big decision. The Link Electric OnRamp gives you the chance to make sure that an electric vehicle works for you, and which one you want, before signing on the dotted line.

A full week to make sure an EV works for everything you need it to.

Head to work and school.  Run errands. Pick up the kids, take the dog to the park and head out on an adventure on the weekend.   There’s no better way to see if an electric car works for your lifestyle than to get to try an electric car in real life.

Don’t worry about guessing or Googling - learn from an EV Expert.

Confused about the difference between a Kilowatt and a Kilowatt Hour?  We get it, and we can explain it.  Here’s the good news: once you get in the habit of driving electric, it’ll become second nature.  When we drop off your electric car for your OnRamp, a Link EV Expert will give you a bumper-to-bumper tutorial and answer your questions to clear up any confusing jargon.

No need to search for an electrician to install a home charger

When we create your personal Drive & Charge plan, we’ll identify how important an Overnight Charger will be for you.  Many electric drivers choose this to fully charge their vehicle for each morning.  With an Electric OnRamp, you don’t have to search for an electrician, compare quotes, and make sure you’re getting a safe installation of the best equipment - we’ll guide you through the entire process.


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