"I really appreciated how Link was able to talk through all the key decisions - Can electric driving work for me? Which electric car? And should I buy or lease it?"

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Bill, Brooklyn, NY

Ready for a car, at the right budget

Bill and his family live in Brooklyn where they usually take the subway to get around so they don't drive much. But they also frequently visit family outside of the city, and enjoy day trips to the beach or to get outside, so it was time for a car.  Bill reached out to Link to figure out if an electric car could do all this while sticking to his budget and whether he should buy or lease an electric.

Looking for big range in a small package

It was important to figure out if an electric car that fit Bill's budget would have the range needed to make an easy roundtrip journey to visit family or get to favorite spots outdoors, so a Link EV Expert helped Bill narrow down the different options to the 2021 Hyundai Kona EV.
Bill also wanted Link's help to evaluate whether he could charge his car at his tight parking spot outside his Brooklyn home. After a video consultation to look together at the parking spot, a Link EV Expert gave Bill tips for the best way to install safely install a charger so that it would easily reach his car - and confirm that the Kona was the slimmest car option for ease of parking!

To buy or to lease

Before he was ready to move forward, Bill wanted to figure out if leasing or buying made the most sense. After a Link EV Expert reviewed the pros and cons and the potential evolution of electric cars in the coming years, a lease seemed like the right call. When Bill was ready, his EV Expert helped him find the best lease deal on a Hyundai Kona in all of New York City.

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