"Working with a Link EV Expert gave me the confidence that I was choosing the right car and they then helped get me a great deal. On top of that they facilitated installation of a home chager, giving me peace of mind that my car will be charged and ready to go every morning."

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John, Marin, CA

Life transition prompts exploration of electric driving

John was the owner of a 2007 Chevy Malibu that he loved. However the car was starting to act up. Perhaps the vehicle knew. He was in the process of buying his first home and this life change prompted him to start considering what to drive next. He knew he wanted an electric car for the environmental and smooth driving benefits, and since he’d now have his own garage where he could charge, the transition to driving electric made a lot of sense in his mind. 
However he really didn’t know much about EVs and definitely had no sense of what make and model would be for him, especially with all the electric cars he was starting to see advertised. He was gearing up for many hours of online research, asking for advice from friends and preparing for several dealership visits - something he was far from excited about.
As he started his research he found some helpful information but it still wasn’t giving him the confidence that he’d be making the right purchase decision. He talked to a rep at a dealership but found that he too had very little knowledge about electric vehicles.

Discovering Link helps smooth the electric car buying process

So when he discovered how Link could help him out in his search, he was excited to try out the service. Filling out the EV questionnaire and signing up for the EV Selection Service set him on the path to a streamlined, hassle-free car buying experience. On his zoom call with an EV Expert, he was impressed with the breadth of knowledge presented about the different types of electric cars out there, the current availability of specific makes and models in the market, and even what it might look like to buy a used EV. He also appreciated Link presenting him with different recommendations specific to his needs, taking into consideration his life circumstance.
Ultimately, his EV Expert presented him with a Kia Niro EV as the top recommendation, with a VW ID.4 and Hyundai Kona Electric as alternates. He went for the Kia Niro EV and set Link on the case of sourcing the vehicle and finding the best deal from local dealers. 
Despite scarce inventory in the market at the time, and tales of large markups, Link was able to find him a car in the San Francisco Bay Area at price that would be hard to beat had he gone at it alone.

In addition Link helps facilitate home charger installation

Meanwhile, as the search for the vehicle was in process, Link facilitated the installation of a home charger in his new garage with a top-rated, pre-vetted electrician, to enable him to get a full charge overnight. For those new to electric cars, you can expect about 4 to 5 miles of char
So in the end our happy customer got the perfect electric car, so not only never needs to pump gas again, but will rarely have to visit a public charger either. All he has to do is to remember to plug in his car every evening, just as he does with his phone, and he’ll be more than ready to take on all of life’s adventures.

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