"After learning from Link about electric cars and trying some out, we realized an electric car could be easy for us and we were ready to buy. We're counting down until our new electric car arrives."

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Suzie & Nat, Philadelphia, PA

Finding the time to figure out electric driving

Nat and Suzie have a toddler, a dog and busy lives, but they were eager to figure out driving electric. After discussing with a Link EV Expert, they narrowed down their options to two EV models, the Tesla Model 3 and the Chevy Bolt. They tried both out and then were ready to put in their order.

Help with home charging on an older electrical system

A Link EV Expert helped Nat and Suzie figure out how they could charge a new electric car from an existing outlet. Link also evaluated their home for installing an EV charger that will fully recharge their car overnight. Their home has an older electrical system, but Link worked with a master electrician to design an EV charger installation without the need for expensive upgrades.

Just the first stop on the EV journey

This EV-loving family is already making plans to go electric with their second car when more models are available. Link will be keeping an eye out for what will fit Nat and Suzie's budget and lifestyle and be ready to bring them a great second electric car whenever they're ready.

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